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I now have an English site with more info and posts…


My name is Tommy and I have been eating quite “hard core” LCHF since September 2009 and this is my story.

In August 2009 I was googling for a new recipe for sauce béarnaise and found an interview with Sten Sture Skaldeman where he told a story about him trying eat himself to death with all food he liked and was told to stay away from. Sten Sture was surprised to see his weight go down and after a year or so he had lost a lot by eating less carbs and more fat.

I have always been the largest (well, fattest) kid on the block but I have never really suffered from it. I have never been bullied nor had any physical problems with my back, knees or anything else. So I have never really tried too loose weight before. When Sten Sture told his story I got interested. Entrecôte and sauce béarnaise was two of my favourite things when it comes to food so I felt like trying this weird “diet”.

Early September I got on a scale only to be surprised by my weight. I was thinking I would be around 150kg but the scale showed 174.4kg. Almost 25kg more than I expected. So I decided to set a goal to loose the 25kg and go down to 150kg.

The first week I lost 3,1kg, the second I lost another 1,9kg. So in two weeks I managed to loose 5kg. During these weeks my food was based on beef, chicken, pork, butter, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, cheese, cream and all other good things in life… This really was something for me.

In January 2010 I met my first goal by weighting in at 149,4kg. I had also lost 9cm around my “waist”.

After another 5 months I had lost in total 40kg and at this time a started to exercise a bit by walking around town listening to audiobooks. Not power walking, only “just walking around”.

When I got on the scale for the last time in 2010 I was below 100kg. I could not imagine myself being “a 2 digit guy” but I managed to get there.



In June 2011 I was at 87kg. I have now lost slightly more than 50% of my starting weight. Pretty cool…


Today I am ”stabilizing” between 83,5kg to 85,5kg.

As stated earlier I started “living” by the LCHF-codex in September 2009. In the beginning I was focusing in on lowering the carbs but not that much on eating more fat. I ate a lot of meat, fish, chicken, cheese and cream. Together with this I ate vegetables like broccoli, spinach and asparagus. After a month or two I started making my own mayonnaise and several different versions of seasoned butter. So from eating around 20g of carbs a day I was now down to an average over the week at 2-5g per day. I have really not left this level of carbs even thou some days can be as “high” as 15-20g but with most of the days close to 0 the average is quite low.

Today I only eat once a day, around 6 pm. No breakfast nor lunch. I eat 300-400g of meat, chicken or fish with 75-100g of butter or mayonnaise. On this I am ok for 24 hours. I do not know why, but it really works for me (I have an office job with not much physical activity other than going to the coffee machine or getting the mail.

My basic philosophy has always been not to feel like I am doing this because I have to. I have never wanted to feel “stressed” about the scale or the fulfilling of my goals. If I were to “starve” myself of feel like I was to sacrifice my interest for food I would not have felt good about it and I would probably have failed on the “mental” level. I have always felt sorry for people on low calorie diets only allowed to eat carrots and salads. With this “diet” I can eat almost everything I always loved and I can skip the things that is only there to “cheapen” the plate. Rice and pasta is only (very loosely translated from Swedish) “Stomach filling”. The good things are the meat and the Souse Béarnaise, not the potatoes…

I always get the question; “-Can I eat this?” or “-Can I eat that?”. I always answer that you can eat whatever you want but you have to face the consequences. The only one you are fooling is yourself. No one else really care about your body. If you cheat yourself by eating sugar or other high carb things it’s on your account (or on your scale…). Be true to yourself and “cheat” if you feel like it now and then. But do not blame anyone else if your getting heavier again.

After getting to one of my end goals I have been thinking about what I would like to eat that I have missed out on the last years. I can not however really thing of anything… I have never liked Pizza and/nor beer but I have felt some “urges” to buy a really greasy pizza to see how the stomach will handle it. But then again, why should I…?

Another question I get quite often is “-Are you going to stop this stupid diet now when you have reached your goal?”. Nope, I do not think so. I still love the food I can eat and I do not honestly miss anything enough to eat a lot of it. Maybe I will buy me some ice cream now in the summer but thats probably it. I might try a cheeseburger at McDonald or some Fries with a steak, but only on special occasions.

Please feel free to comment below or contact me on the contact form under ”Kontakt” in the menu bar.

Best regards,




20 Responses to About me and LCHF in English

  1. Micky says:

    WOW your truely an inspiration. Well done. I bet you must feel great about you self. You have proven that other people may be able to do the same. Thumps up for you Tommy!

    Micky (From Forum)

    • Tommy says:


      When my workload permits I will try to build a similar site in English. It will probably happen after the low carb cruise in may.


  2. Micky says:

    Sounds great! Keep up the amazing work friend. Awesome blog you have here.
    I bet maaaaany people will enjoy the benefit and advantage of your knowledge in the field. I’m sure you’ll be able to make many people happy. Seing the food that you choose, have made me realise how simple and inviting VERY low carb LCHF food can be made. I mean truely your average daily intake is 5 gr. carb!

  3. Joseph says:

    Hi, Tommy;

    Trying out LCHF in Canada.

    Really poisoned with; carbs, fructrose and gluten, right now.
    It helps greatly to see the liberation of yourself from within yourself.
    My blood sugar has dropped, so now I can sleep, dream and concentrate.
    In six weeks, there are a few pounds burned — less skeletal pain.
    Food looks and tastes great. Long durations of satiety. Enjoyed red wine on a couple of occasions with no loss of metabolic integrity. Not too much exercise at the present weight. Using Vitamin D3. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also: DE might be good in the oopsies recipe. I know my ggrandparents – a few from Norway and Sweden – used to use it in bread recipes as bulk. Thinking this way of living might have benefits to the ’epigenetic’ system, if you have read about the recent medical research on epigenetics. The initial studies were partly based on clerical records of a few northern farming communities in Sweden. As if a ’motherboard’ of bio-chemical switching that communicates with the genome ’hardware’.

    kind regards,

  4. Molle says:

    Hi Tommy – long time ago we were quite close. We went to lots of crazy projects and stuff, you know what Im talking about (like the time we made the ”LÖK”, by pressing the copymachine once for every copy). Cant believe your transformation – got to try this myself. Would really like to get in touch again 🙂


  5. Tommy says:

    Yupp, I have changed quite a bit. Mmm, löken, fun times. As always I will be at LinCon, just drop by the Starship Troppers room and well catch up…


  6. Ethel Loberg says:

    Jag konverserar hyfsat på engelska men har ändå väldigt svårt för att läsa all engelska så att jag får ut hela poängen men guess what, Din engelska var hur lätt som helst att följa, alltså ska det vara en svensk som berättar saker i skrift på engelska för att jag ska fatta allt. That would be the day.

    • Tommy says:

      Hej, kul att engelskan fungerar. Jag planerar just nu en systersite helt på engelska. Amerikanarna behöver lära sig äta ”riktig” low carb…


  7. Ethel Loberg says:

    Ja det tror jag blir riktigt bra just för att Du är en ”helt vanlig”, inte läkare, inte professor och just därför mycke lätt att ta till sig och ja, the yankes behöver verkligen budskapet so go for it Tommy.

  8. Hanna U says:

    Wow! Jag blir imponerad! nej, jag blir MER än imponerad, jag blir nästan tårögd över hur jäkla duktig du är!
    Du är en sann inspiration verkligen.
    Och så en stooor thumbs up till alla dina bilder på den goda maten du lagar. Jag lär sno en del av dom 😉

    Fortsätt i samma stil.
    Med vänlig hälsning:

  9. Brigita - Croatia says:

    Thankyou for a very inspirational story Tommy. I am a young mother of two kids getting in the battle with kilos (cca 100) also by LCHF. For the beggining I have to state that at last I am not hungry by dieting, the kilograms are going down safely and steadily. I bake myself bread from walnuts and flax seeds, very low carb and eat some strawberries when I wish for something sweet.

  10. I wanted to subscribe on cardsapp but couldn’t find you guys. what’s your CBN number? Your help is appreciated

  11. Deborah B says:

    Hello Tommy,

    Where I can learn more about LCHF? It sounds very much right up my alley. Thanks so much!

    Deborah B

  12. anil says:

    Great news Tommy. I am 47 yrs old weighing 97 kgs and would like to start LCHF soon , let me know if i just switch or have to do some transition diet or starve.

    • Tommy says:

      I would say go all in from the start. You might feel some ”negative effects” for a week or so but it you keep the fat levels and alsto try to eat some extra salt you will be fine.


  13. Martin says:

    Congratulations on achieving your goal! Very inspiring thank you for sharing it. Best wishes to you with your continued good health.

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